Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

Henry Ford

Automatization Technologies

We about us

Our ambitious goal is an optimum solution
Extensive knowledge, creativity experiences at market in various areas of activity form the grounds of our success. The combination of Know-how and sense of quality are our strong points. Human and technical competencies represent unity in our company. Our highly qualified fellow workers answer flexibly wishes of any customer and ensure the quality and reliability of our performance. Judge it by yourself!
Worldwide Achievements:

  • planning and development
  • repairs and reconstructions
  • spindle devices
  • general maintenance
  • servicing
  • professional maintenance
  • machinery dislocation
  • control adjustment
  • construction of switch box
  • programming

Industrial Assembling

We about us

Our company is active in the field of industrial assembling and disassembling not from yesterday, but for years. This explains our motto: KNOW – HOW.
We don’t come out just from luck, but from many experiences.
There is only one ideal for DTC HALLAS GMBH, and this is CUSTOMERS´ SATISFACTION. It does not matter if it concerns a challenge in Austria, in Europe or overseas; we work out solutions which are handtailored for anybody. It is obvious that we already – at request – think together with you already during planning phase. Only those think in advance, who take a think and think together, and who thinks a little bit beyond than others.  What might look advantageous at first glance – when you take into consideration only bid comparison – may cost you fortune. Late establishment starting can induce domino effect; costs avalanche can engulf not planned immense amounts.
Worldwide Achievements

  • Assembling and disassembling of industrial premises
  • pipelines laying
  • construction
  • premises planning
  • professional recycling of material


A-2273 Hohenau, Am Brunnenfeld 5

Phone: +43 2535 2477
Telefax: +43 2535 31164
E-Mail: office@hallas-dtc.com

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A-2273 Hohenau,
Am Brunnenfeld 5
Phone: +43 2535 / 2477
Fax: +43 2535 / 31164
E-Mail: office@hallas-dtc.com

Executive agent according to Companies´ register: ROMAN HALLAS
Commercial Executive agent:  ROMAN HALLAS

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